Retino automates 75% of’s customer care

Problem is growing by 100% every year and that means a is growing by 100% every year and that means a constant increase in workload in practically all departments. Of course, this also applies to reverse processes and the related customer care requirements.

Solution needed a scalable solution to handle the constant increase in work. Retino brought a number of automations that replaced unnecessary manual work and the entire customer care team does not need to be constantly expanded.


  • Automation of 75% of customer care work on reverse processes
  • Clear record of tickets in one system
  • Great for customers too – 99% customer rating brings quality healthy food from Czech and foreign producers. The e-shop was founded in 2014 by Dominik Píchal and in 2020 has already shipped over 1500 tons of nuts. The store currently has over 150 employees and ships 30,000 orders per month with a year-on-year growth of an incredible 100%. The e-shop’s turnover will reach half a billion Czech crowns in 2022.

How does work? sells healthy food. When selling food in large quantities, it may happen that the consignment is devalued during transport or the products are exchanged during picking. Food also spoils, and of course, when distributing thousands of tons of raw materials, sometimes the shipment doesn’t arrive safely. On the other hand, it is crucial to that every problem is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction in the shortest possible time.

Dominik Píchal, founder of

What was before Retino?

  • The complaint came from the customer by email.
  • Each complaint was marked with a number – we created a numbering system so that there was some sequence and traceability.
  • We created a spreadsheet, printed out a paper record and wrote each complaint in the spreadsheet. This solution was sufficient when we were a smaller company with fewer orders. We filed each complaint in a binder and gradually referred back to it in communications. This was very impractical and unsustainable in the long term.
  • As time went on, the work became more and more challenging. Complaints increased with the number of orders. The paper system with a spreadsheet was therefore becoming insufficient. We started to get lost in it and it was very cluttered. If the manager was on holiday, colleagues had to “dig” through the system and find their way around, which was another big problem.

The whole process was complicated, unnecessarily dependent on manual work, took place in several systems and was not customer-friendly.

Lucie Povýšilová, customer care


Retino has helped us solve all of the problems described above, plus it has brought additional features we could only dream of before. We talk mainly about analytics, where we have perfect statistics for all important metrics and the ability to connect Retino via their API to other tools such as accounting, ERP, or PowerBI. So, we now have:

  • Simple complaint system for customers
  • We have all information clearly in one system
  • More than one of us can work in the system
  • We report the complaint number, a colleague looks it up and we can discuss and consult
  • Problem, photo, statement, all in one place in the case detail
  • We can now work from home
  • Customer feedback is visible – we get ratings
  • Templates for answers save us time when communicating


  • 75% time saved
  • Significant speed up of claims handling
  • Great customer reviews
  • Excellent overview of the entire process
  • A scalable solution that grows with us
  • Development and support is 3rd party so we can focus on sales, which is our core business 🙂

Do you want help with reverse processes? We will be happy to show you how Retino can help your e-shop.

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