Deliver world-class return experience

Reach a higher level of trust with your customers by providing them with perfect return experience. We process tens of thousands of returns every month for forward-thinking online merchants.

Innovation. Automation.

We'll help you understand your return process. We'll increase your customer experience and help you spare yourself from tedious, repetitive work.

Retino helped us to simplify and speed up our return process. 100% recommended!

Ondřej Piskač E-commerce Manager

Retino helps in every step of the return process

Save time and solve problems. Retino helps you throughout from the case registration to its resolution.

Customer registers the case

In your online store. Our smart embedded portal navigates the customer through the case registration without the need of assistance from your customer care.

Reverse shipping? Done

When registering the case, the customer can order their reverse shipping easily. From Prague or Timisoara, doesn't matter. We offer parcelshops and pick-ups from many carriers. The shipping can be paid by you or the customer.

Keep the customer informed

We'll do that for you with emails and dedicated tracking page. That means less phone calls to your customer care.

All in one place

In the Retino administration, we track the detailed history of every case. You will find there communication history with customers, case status changes, processed refunds, shipping history, and much more.

We watch deadlines

In every return case, there is a system and order. Every deadline is carefully watched therefore nothing will be forgotten. Deadline order keeps you on track and your work is simply prioritized.

Quick refunds

Your customer enters his account number during the case registration at your site. Therefore you can simply and quickly create payment orders directly from Retino.

Stats and reporting

Retino collects data about your return process and generates clear reports about return reasons and customer satisfaction. You will have insight like never before.

Higher customer satisfaction

After closing the case, we will ask your customer about their satisfaction with the service. We will reward the best e-shops with our Effortless Returns certificate.

International service

Retino can communicate with your customers in 10 languages and we support shipping carriers in different countries. We are also constantly expanding our international support.

We help the best online stores every day

Learn more about why fast-growing stores like Grizly or Výprodej Povlečení use Retino.

Dominik Píchal Director
Lukáš Žák Director

Easily integrate Retino with your store

It takes one minute to integrate with popular e-commerce platform. And we cover custom platforms too.


This is Sparta Retino. And you should try it.

We think that you'll like it. But yeah, we might be a tiny bit biased there. That's why we offer all of the Retino premium features for free for 14 days.

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