Deliver world-class return experience

Establish a higher level of trust with your customers by providing them with perfect return experience. We process thousands of returns every month for forward-thinking online merchants.

The all-in-one return management for online merchants

Retino builds the most complete platform for dealing with your customers’ returns. We do everything from customer self-checkout, through shipping and communication, to refunds. Our carefully crafted return process is enjoyed by tens of thousands of customers.

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Discover Retino in 90 seconds

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From 2 hours of work a day to 30 minutes thanks to Retino automation. logo  


Lubor Nosek
CTO OdKarla

Out of nearly 5000 reviews, we have obtained only 40 negative ones.

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CC Topgal

You will find out about problems you had no idea even existed in your store. logo  


Petr Kunes

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Integrated return self-service

Double your customer satisfaction with returns

Retino carefully measures customer experience with the return process. After processing hundreds of thousands of returns, our return process is consistently highly rated by customers. And we always improve it. So that you don’t have to.

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Return process automation

Save 75% of your time thanks to automation

Don’t spend hours on repetitive tasks such as transaction emails, shipping ordering or refund processing. Retino automates all of this – and more – for you. So that you can focus on what’s really important.

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