Although Retino is not available among the apps on the Shopify App Store, it is possible to integrate it with this e-commerce platform via API. Follow the instructions below to connect:

1. Create your Retino account

2. Log in as the account owner to the Shopify administration and go to the Apps and sales channels section, then click on Develop Apps

3. Click on Allow custom app development and confirm the choice. You will be notified that the application has API access to the e-shop data.

4. Click on Create an app, choose any app name (we recommend Retino), select App developer (your account or someone else’s account managing the e-shop), and click on Create app.

5. After creating the app, click on Configure Admin API Scopes and enable the following accesses:

write_gift_cards, read_gift_cards, read_orders, read_products, read_returns, write_returns, read_shipping, read_locales, write_price_rules

6. After saving in the Overview section, click on Install app and confirm Install

7. After installation, copy the Admin API access token from API credentials and send it to us along with the URL address of your Shopify administration to the email address

8. You’re done! We will take care of the rest and keep you informed.

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