BEFORE AND AFTER: Interview with Miroslav Štufka

BEFORE AND AFTER: Interview with Miroslav Štufka

Mission of Retino is to help e-shops with their returns and claims. But how does the cooperation with us look like in reality?

Meet Miroslav Štufka, founder and director of Ventishop, an online store selling professional HVAC equipment. We couldn’t be more proud of Ventishop. They have been with us from the very beginning and they really are striving to provide the best service to their customers.

Can you tell us a bit about your store –

We started our services under the Ventishop brand in 2016. Ventishop sells professional air conditioning products like fans, recuperation units and accessories for a wide range of customers. We cooperate with large construction companies as well as freelancing handymen. I have tried my best to create a customer-oriented culture in our company, which I believe is the key to market success today. Every customer has different needs and every order is unique. We want communicate clearly, be helpful and take care of our customers the best way possible. In our segment, professional after-sales service is a must.

How did you manage returns before integrating Retino?

I hate to admit this, but our returns and claims were a big pile of mess. There was no strict process to adhere to and we managed everything through emails, phone calls and post-it notes. We faced issues with legal deadlines, frequent customer questions about the progress, dealing with suppliers… We had always tried to do our best, but it was pretty tough sometimes.

How do you manage the return process now?

Once we heard about the solution offered by Retino and saw the benefits, we were excited and decided to give it a try. Tests went well and we prepaid Retino for 12 months.

One thing that our customers love is that they can create return cases themselves. Retino integrates this little form on our page and customers get cleared in a couple of seconds. They can then track the progress of their return or claim online. As for us, we now have a clear and optimized process that tells us what to do. Many things like deadlines, documents, messages are automated.

Using Retino is straightforward and easy. It saves us time we can use to grow our business.

How does the cooperation with Retino work?

It works great! They give us full support. They helped us implement the solution, but also when they ship a new feature, they reach out to us and explain how this can benefit our business. Whenever we had an issue, they were here for us, willing to understand and help us quickly.

What are the most significant benefits of using Retino?

We have more time for our business and our customers and that means a lot for us. The main benefits I would mention are total control of our return chain in real time, less phone calls from our customers because they are informed instantly, and an survey of our customer satisfaction.

Would you recommend Retino to other e-shops?

Definitely! Customer satisfaction is a key nowadays. In order to be competitive, you also need streamlined operations. We have found a strong partner in Retino that helps us to deliver those two goals. I’m sure many other shops would benefit too.

That’s very flattering, Miroslav, thanks so much for your time!

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