eCommerce Trends That Can Cost You Conversions

eCommerce Trends That Can Cost You Conversions

The internet is full of trends you should follow to give your online store a competitive edge. However, not all of them are as effective as they seem to be.

We’ve listed 4 eCommerce trends that can be a burden to your business if you don’t consider the pluses and minuses before implementing them.

Social sharing buttons on product pages

Your customers are able to share or like products on your webpage. Great. But are you sure that they are really going to be active? The main problem is that low social shares on product pages can create a negative social proof.

  • One study shows that removing social sharing buttons can increase by 20% in click-throughs to the “add to cart”.
Reviews sweet as cupcakes  

We wrote many articles about the importance of online reviews. Online reviews are super important – but both positive and NEGATIVE.

Customers aren’t stupid, they will get to the idea that you removed negative reviews. Or worse – that you wrote fake reviews of yourself.

  • 95% of buyers are skeptical when an online store doesn’t have negative reviews and suspect censorship or fake reviews.
Forced account creation at checkout

You want to collect as much information as possible about your customers to create a better shopping experience. Ok. But be aware that forced registrations belong to major causes of cart abandonment.

Live chat that does not answer

Live chat is a great tool. An survey shows that 63% of buyers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. But if you do it badly, it’s worse than not offering it. Customers expect to be able to talk to you right away. If you don’t respond to your customer immediately, it will ruin the whole shopping experience.

Not all trends are bad. You should track new trends. But always consider the impact that can have on your business.

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