E-shop OdKarla.cz saves 75% of time thanks to Retino automatization

E-shop OdKarla.cz saves 75% of time thanks to Retino automation

OdKarla.cz is an e-shop with secondhand products and 14 days return period. Customer´s happiness is the top priority for OdKarla.cz. This is proven also by the participation in final round of two categories of renomed Czech awards the Křišťáová Lupa. With a pinch of salt, we can say that this unique e-shop is  the love brand no one would expect.

OdKarla.cz started using Retino for processing returns and exchange by the beginning of May 2019. After a month, we have asked them to shortly refer to their experience.

These are the words of one of the OdKarla.cz founders.

How did the returns process look like after implementing Retino? What is the difference now?

Before, communication with customers regarding returns and exchanges took my colleague about 2 hours a day. FOr now we have shrinked that time to 30 minutes a day! The hour and half of saved time is amazing. Also, now we can have even more people working with Retino simultaneously, so the cases can be distributed easily among them. Before, the colleague had to do it everything on her own.

The most of the time is saved by self-establishment of the return or exchange case by customers, automated communication, delivery to Zásilkovna (delivery point) with one click and preloaded answers.


With implementing Retino, we have rapidly increased the level of customers´ perception of our brand.

We have our own page with all the types of cases that customer can potentially deal with. The link to Exchanges page is the part of our home page. This way, we are showing our transparency and the ability to deal with returns and exchanges and fulfill customers´ requirements effectively.

Customers of course appreciate this approach and feel a sympathy towards our e-shop, even when dealing with exchanges. The customers´ rating of returns and exchanges is now at 97 %.

For the customer, our solution makes a huge difference from the approach when they have to write a mail to infoxyz.cz and have no idea whether anyone is working on their case and what will the next steps be. On the other hand, when the customer is taken into a complex and interconnected system, they gain a feeling that their case is being processed and we take maximal care of them.

Every single customer gets their unique link for their case processing, all information about the actual state are being send automatically and the customer is able to rate the whole case.

All this would be impossible using only e-mail or phone communication.

Measurement and statisics

The key indicators we are monitoring include the number of cases processed, the duration until finishing a case and the customers´ rating. You will have reallygood knowledge about your cases thanks to Retino.

Today, we have KPIs that we are able to measure and increase. Before implementing Retino, we had to either calculate all the numbers manually, or we didn´t know them at all.

Thanks to statistics and reporting, we get an immediate overview about the current state of returns and exchanges, which we consider a key information.

We are recommending Retino to everyone

As a product, Retino saves our time and increases the customers´ satisfaction. Apart from this, we also appreciate the whole servis and friendly policy, which is not taken for granted.

  • Great technical support, including requests reaction and new functionalities of the app
  • Easy and intuitive manipulation
  • Thanks to API and Webhooks, Retino is connected to accounting, credit notes and information system, which makes our work much easier too.
  • The automatization has solved the problem of immediate refunds, the same day as the return was made

Final reccomendations from OdKarla.cz

All founders should try the support and communication with their customers. You will come across problems that you had no idea even existed. Conversely, the things you took for granted will probably be disproven. Don´t forget, you are not the customer.

Tohle je Sparta Retino. A měli byste ho zkusit.

Myslíme si, že se vám bude líbit. Ale chápeme, že náš názor nebude úplně objektivní. Proto můžete všechny funkce Retina vyzkoušet na 14 dní zdarma.

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