Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Customers

Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Your Customers

Telling your customers how much you appreciate them is an important part of their emotional shopping journey. It is also a great way to create a relationship between you and your customers.

Why is it so important to strengthen your relationship? 60% of businesses have lost their customers because they felt the business was indifferent to them. When a customer falls in love with your online store he is going to spend more money at your store and he is also more likely to recommend your store to someone else.

There are plenty of ways how to thank your customers. With automated emails it is easier than ever to send a thank you email to all loyal customers. So why not start thanking your customers right now?

We’ve prepared some tips how to thank your customers effectively and cheaply.

  • Show your customers that you’re utilizing their feedback. A customer feedback is an important way how to make your customer loyal but only if you do not ignore it. Show your customers that you’ve implemented their ideas.
  • Happy Birthday! When a buyer registers at your store he is usually asked to fill in his date of birth – a perfect opportunity to show your customer that you appreciate him. It’s up to you if you provide a 10% discount to him as a present or you just write him: “Happy Birthday from our team, Mark”. One thing is clear, this is the way how to create a stronger relationship.
  • Loosen up your return policy. At least you should consider adding special return policy to members of your loyalty program. Successful online stores provide excellent return policy to all buyers. Why? They don’t want to lose any opportunity and want please all customers, who are now looking for best shopping experience, including great after care service.
  • Unexpected gifts. Even a small discount or a gift with purchase can make your customers happy – more likely when it comes unexpectedly.
  • Do something extra to stick in your customer hearth. Does your customer need something to be delivered faster than usual? Do it! This is the way how to thank a buyer for being your customer. Show him that you will do anything to make him happy.

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