You can now also connect Retino to e-shops on the Shopware platform

Among the integrations with e-shop platforms, welcome to Shopware! This flexible, trend-setting e-shop solution expands our offer with integrations. Check out the details and if you use Shopware, don’t hesitate to activate the link.

About Shopware

Shopware AG was founded in 2000 in the German city of Schöppingen by the brothers Stefan Hamann and Sebastian Hamann. It has a number of interesting milestones, but one of the more recent ones is a 100 million euro investment from PayPal and Carlyle in 2022. According to the annual report, Shopware powers a total of 12% of all e-shops in Germany.

Today, Shopware is one of the most advanced platforms used by some of the biggest brands, retailers and manufacturers including the likes of Philips, Jägermeister and Aston Martin. From its headquarters in Schöppingen, Germany, Shopware employs 350 people and relies on a global network of 1,200 business and technology partners. Retino is now joining the more than 4000 extensions that Shopware offers on its store!

Effective return and complaint handling for Shopware

Retino is now officially available on the Shopware store and the integration is no different from integrations with other platforms. The installation and connection itself is completely free, registration in Retin is a must. Once connected, orders are automatically synchronized and you have the opportunity to offer customers state-of-the-art self-service for handling returns and complaints.

Therefore, if you have an e-shop on the Shopware platform, there is nothing easier than activating the add-on and starting to solve back-end processes efficiently, automatically and with significant savings of time and money.

Need help?

In case of complications or any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll also be bringing you a step-by-step guide through installation and setup soon.

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