1-click reverse shipping

Reverse shipping should be easy

With Retino Shipping, it is. Your customers can easily order reverse shipping that is less expensive and more convenient for them. And you can also bring your own shipping contracts.

How it works?

Customers order shipping

We offer your customers a super-easy and usually less expensive way how to ship goods back to you.

Shipping is tracked

You will know about all the returns that are incoming, even before they reach your warehouse.

Custom shipping contracts

For a fee, you can bring your own shipping contracts to Retino and ship goods automatically through them.

Customers order shipping

Your customers can order and pay for reverse shipping directly in Portal. This way it’s more comfortable and less expensive for the customer to send goods back. You can also choose to subsidize reverse shipping.

  • Faster, more convenient shipping
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Less expensive for the customer

Shipping is tracked

We track every package going through Retino. Therefore you know exactly which returns are incoming and if there is any delay on the way. You can also quickly identify incoming return by simply scanning the barcode.

  • You know which returns are incoming
  • No tracking code exchange needed
  • Easy return look-up on delivery
Return 20203647
Shipping was ordered
Return 20203647
Courier has picked up the package
Return 20203647
Package will be delivered today

Bring your own shipping contracts

If you don’t want to use Retino Shipping with our shipping rates, you can also bring your own shipping contract (at cost). Integration takes one minute, no development needed.

  • Your own shipping rates
  • More shipping options
  • Easy integration

At OdKarla, we deal with thousands of returns all the time. Retino helped us to reduce our processing time by 75 %. A big part of that is thanks to Retino Portal, which reduced our customer support load by 93 %.

Learn more about our customers

Customers can order shipping on their own.


You know about all the incoming returns.

Own contracts

You can bring your own contracts.

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