Integrated return self-service

A world-class return experience

The biggest stores already provide their customers with a convenient way to return their products. With Retino Portal, you can deliver that experience too. Today. No development needed.

How it works?

Customers create returns

With Portal self-checkout, your customers just easily select their order and products they want to return.

Shipping is ordered

We help your customers order reverse shipping, which is less expensive through us than regular carriers.

You get notified

We will notify you when there is a new return. Once the goods are delivered back, you will find details easily.

Customers create returns

Your customers can use Portal self-checkout to create their returns without needing to get in touch with your customer care. They simply select their order and products they want to return, and then all the data are automatically filled into the form. They just add some more information like what is wrong or their bank account details and the return is created.

  • Less load on your customer support
  • World-class, optimized return process
  • All details are gathered at once
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Baseball cap Just do it
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Thank you.

We help with shipping

Your customers can order and pay for reverse shipping directly in Portal. This way it’s more comfortable and less expensive for the customer to send goods back. You can also choose to subsidize reverse shipping.

  • Faster, more convenient shipping
  • Easy return look-up on delivery
  • Reverse shipping is tracked

You get notified

Once your customer creates the return and orders shipping, you can see the return in your dashboard. You can track return shipping and communicate with the customer proactively, when needed.

  • You get notified instantly
  • You can track the package
  • You can communicate with the customer
You’ve got a new return!
Customer nameVladimír Boudník
Order code20201234
Customer nameKarel Čapek
Order code20202345
Customer nameFrantišek Plánička
Order code20203456

At OdKarla, we deal with thousands of returns all the time. Retino helped us to reduce our processing time by 75 %. A big part of that is thanks to Retino Portal, which reduced our customer support load by 93 %.

Learn more about our customers

Customers can file their cases themselves, effortless, without customer care touchpoint.


Customer gets all the info in time and automatically. They appreciate always knowing the next step.


Shipping by Zásilkovna, PPL and GLS is provided automatically so that customer doesn’t need to do anything else.

Customized look

Retino will look like your shop, adhering to your brand and providing consistent customer experience.

Faster resolution

Retino makes the process quicker and the customer is refunded in less time, which increases alternative purchases.

97%+ satisfaction

Our stores regularly score 97% or better customer satisfaction with returns, compared to a 61% market benchmark.

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