Return process automation

Save 75% of time spent on returns

Retino Manager helps you automate things like communication, refunds, documents, and more. It gives you a perfect clarity of what is happening in your returns and helps you prioritize tasks.

How it works?

Everything in one place

No more mess! All your returns and warranty claims are in one place, with deadlines and clear prioritization.

Automate the routine

Retino automates transactional emails, shipping, refunds, documents and other things. Save 75% of your time!

Get insights into returns

How much time it takes to process a return? How much are your customers satisfied? Find out in our stats.

Everything in one place

All your returns and warranty claims are in one place and Retino watches for deadlines in all your cases. This makes it easy to prioritize, what needs your attention the most.

  • Total control of returns
  • Deadline watchdog
  • Easy to prioritize

Automate your process

Retino automates transactional emails, shipping, refunds, documents and other things. Our customers tell us that Retino saved them up to 75% of their time spent on returns.

  • Automate routine tasks
  • Faster execution
  • Lower error rate
New return
Send email
Create document
Order shipping

Analyze your return process

We’ll measure your process efficiency. We’ll tell you how much your customers are satisfied with returns. We’ll show you various product metrics such as most common return reasons.

  • Dig deeper into your return process
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Know your turn around time

Return reasons

Customer satisfaction

Turn around time

At OdKarla, we deal with thousands of returns all the time. Retino helped us to reduce our processing time by 75 %. A big part of that is thanks to Retino Portal, which reduced our customer support load by 93 %.

Learn more about our customers

Customer gets all the info in time and automatically. They appreciate always knowing the next step.


Customers can file their cases themselves, effortless, without customer care touchpoint.


Shipping by Zásilkovna, PPL and GLS can be ordered directly from Retino with just two clicks.


Automatically ask your customer for bank account number and then refund it directly from Retino.


Issue warranty claim protocols and other legally required documents automatically.

Tailored to your needs

Our default process can be endlessly modified to match your company’s needs.

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