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From merchants to merchants

Since 2015, I was an online merchant and I know the business. For a long time, we have been unsatisfied with how the returns are managed. That’s why we have invented Retino. If you want to make sense of your returns, refund as fast as possible, alleviate your customer care and more, Retino is there for you.

Petr Boroš Founder of Retino

How it works?

Self check-in returns

Customers can file their cases themselves, effortless, without customer care touchpoint.

Order the shipping

Shipping by Zásilkovna, PPL and GLS can be ordered directly from Retino with just two clicks.

Overview of returns in one place

Every single case of returns in one dashboard. Return management could not be clearlier.

Every case of returns under control

Customer can find out what is needed. Like communication,shippng info, deadline reminder or stage of case. Available via link.

Tracking reverse shipping

Now you now what and how much is on the way. Overview reverse shipping from one place.

Fast refunds

Make refunds easy and fast. Directly from Retino to customer bank account.

Customer satisfaction

Capture customer satisfaction automatically and know if there are still bottlenecks in you customer service.

“Badge of quality!”

Retino is quality marker. Show your customer satisfaction rate by our badge!

Get insight into your returns

Tickets statistics, process efficiency, customer satisfaction, returns reasons and much more. What can be measured, can be imrpoved.

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